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Published November 26th, 2019


Kamchatka, Russia has established a reputation for two things: being home to some of the world’s largest steelhead and having a large number of bears. 

Each year Kamchatka’s many bears and a few fortunate anglers cross streamside paths in a shared pursuit of the elusive steelhead. In order to protect their clients, local Kamchatka guides use dogs to keep the hungry bears at bay. Enter Kuchook – arguably the most bad-ass alpha dog in the region. 

No other dog was as respected and loved as Kuchook. Sadly, Kuchook was brought down by a bear recently. Guide Greg Kennedy (@fishkennedybrothers) and industry rep / photographer, John Sherman (@johngsherman) join us to celebrate Kuchook’s legacy, share some special moments on the water with him, and pay tribute to Kamchatka’s Top Alpha Dog, Kuchook.

“I hope there’s bears in heaven, because nothing gave Kuchook more pleasure than biting a bear in the ass.” – Greg Kennedy

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