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Published December 18th, 2019


In this episode, Nick and Chad talk with Anna Halligan, North Coast Coho Project Director of Western Conservation under Trout Unlimited. This program started 20 years ago to support the endangered Coho Salmon and the restoration of their habitat. The guys get into the various restoration tactics used to restore critical Coho habitat and a ton more. 

From their website:

Our North Coast Coho Project (NCCP) is a partnership of unprecedented scale and scope. Trout Unlimited, timber, gravel, and wine industry leaders, other private landowners, and state and federal agencies are working cooperatively to restore coho salmon runs in Northern California.

As TU’s North Coast Coho Project completes its 19th year, this groundbreaking initiative has raised and leveraged over $25 million for more than 75 habitat and fish passage improvement projects in the Eel, Navarro, Garcia, Noyo, Russian and Ten Mile rivers and in dozens of smaller stream systems. NCCP delivers both overall management and administration of such projects as well as scientific work that precedes and follows them. To date, the NCCP and our partners have improved or eliminated over 862 miles of old logging roads; removed 12 major fish migration barriers; restored fish access to more than 70 miles of streams; installed more than 2,100 large wood structures in over 120 miles of stream channels; and prevented some 534,000 cubic yards of sediment (that’s 53,400 full dump trucks) from entering streams, degrading water quality and habitat conditions.


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