The McCloud River Nature Conservancy - McCloud River Preserve

On this second in a special series of “On The Water” episodes of the Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast, Chad Alderson talks with Kevin Grunewald, a biologist with The Nature Conservancy based on the McCloud River Preserve.

Kevin grew up in Roxbury, Wisconsin hunting and fishing, and pursued the natural sciences in College at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After spending some time living in Australia and Alaska, Kevin now lives in California and works for The Nature Conservancy, which is hugely influential in conservation.

Join in as Kevin and Chad talk about The Nature Conservancy, the history and ecology of the McCloud River, with detailed discussion about fish species in the watershed. Later, the two talk about types of studies conducted at The Nature Conservancy, and recommended reading for anglers with interest in learning more about the watershed.


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