B.P. #018 - John Sherman - Simms Pro Delta Day 2017 - Chasing Striper in The California Delta

On this short episode of the Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast, listen to Chad and Nick reflect on Chad’s experience at Simms Pro Delta Day 2017 in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. Chad notes the different techniques different guides have, highlights some of the cool Simms Fishing gear that is coming out for the 2018 season, and touches on conservation in the Delta with respect to the Delta Tunnels.


Then join in on Chad’s conversation with John Sherman, the Simms West Coast representative who puts the event together every year. Delta Day started off in John’s backyard seven years ago, and quickly moved to Sugar Barge. The event is a great way for fishing guides and product representatives to come together and learn about new products Simms is producing. The event is also a way for anglers to come together on causes they care about. Listen up as John and Chad talk about Simms’ new waders and expanding women’s line. The two also discuss the dynamic fishery that is the Delta, from the diversity of migratory and resident species found within its 1100 square miles, to its importance economically.


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