#022-Matt Peterson and Michael Hellmair-Fishbio Environmental-To Sea or Not To Sea-How a Trout Becomes a Steelhead

Matt Peterson and Michael Hellmair, biologists from our sponsors at Fishbio Environmental, join us to answer the age old question - “When is a trout a trout, and when is a trout a steelhead?”

Matt and Michael discuss the life cycles of a juvenile trout, and at what point the fish becomes a Steelhead or remains a freshwater trout. They also discuss the factors that lead to the length of time Steelhead stay in freshwater, such as food resources and temperature.

Stay tuned to hear the physiological changes the trout experience, the average success rate for steelhead making the journey to the ocean, and the advantage of risking the trip for steelhead.

Later, Matt and Michael compare trout species to salmon species, as well as eels throughout the world. Additionally, the two shed light on the way scientists figure out how many times a fish has spawned.


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