B.P. #019 Eric See - DWR Station Chief Oroville Dam / Feather River Biologist

Eric See is the Environmental program manager at the Department of Water Resources (DWR) in Oroville, CA, where he has worked for 25 years. He started off his career at Humboldt State, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Fresh Fisheries Biology. In addition to his work in the government, Eric sits on the Board of Directors for Chico Area Fly Fishers and Hooked on Fishing (Not Drugs)-Chico.



Join in while Chad, Nick, and Eric talk about the Oroville Spillway Incident, restoration projects DWR is working on to improve salmon spawning habitat, and forecasts that may be added to California Data Exchange Center (CDEC). Stay tuned as Eric answers to rumors about sturgeon stacked at the Oroville Fish Barrier Dam, explains how to spot and avoid redds, and attempts to break down the decision-making process leading up to policy being enacted or a project getting approved.


Learn more about the Department of Water Resources by visiting their website at water.ca.gov.

The agency is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.



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