B.P. #002: Darren Rocheleau - Sturgeon, Salmon, and Trout Along the Feather River; Oroville Dam Spillway Impact on Fish

Darren Rocheleau of the PSMFC is a fisheries biologist who studies sturgeon. He has studied Sturgeon on the Sacramento River, and recently began studying them on the Feather River as well. Also recently he is beginning to study Salmon and Trout species as well.

Listen to the effects the Oroville Dam Spillway had on the Salmon populations. Listen as they discuss how much more catastrophic things could have been for the 2017 flooding in California. Learn about Darren’s day-to-day as a fisheries biologist, including some of the technology he uses for fish population monitoring. Discuss the potential impacts of releasing water into the Feather River from the afterbay.




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