B.P. #001: Kayla Katayama - Young Woman Fly Fishing Guide in Northern California

On this episode, meet Kayla Katayama, a 21 year old fly fishing guide who is fairly new to the sport, but certainly not new to fishing. Kayla was born and raised near the ocean, calling both Hawaii and Santa Cruz, California home. She is currently attending Chico State in Chico, California, and fell in love with fly fishing in the North State.

Join Kayla to discuss what it is like being a young woman in the older male-dominated fly fishing industry. The gang discuss the merits to different types of gear for different fishing situations. Get valuable tips for teaching children how to fly fish, and which companies provide the best fly fishing gear and apparel for ladies.


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Instagram: @kaylakatayama

Email: herwatersflyfishing@gmail.com

Fish First Fly Shop!: (530) 343-8300


Check out www.casthope.org to get more information about the charitable work they do.



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