B.P. #008: Bob Grace - Ted Fay Fly Shop, Dunsmuir, CA

Today we travel to Dunsmuir, CA to visit one of the oldest fly fishing shops in California, the Ted Fay Fly Shop. The shop opened about 1950, and Bob Grace is the 3rd owner. This is one of the best shops to get information on the fishing spots in the Upper Sacramento River and surrounding areas.

Bob talks about the 1991 train spill-when a train fell off the tracks and the entire river died that day. No fish survived from the Camp Terra Loop all the way down to the lake, according to Bob. The life in the river now really shows the regenerative capability of nature.

Bob also talks about different river flows at different times of the year, and how it’s been doing in these mid summer months. Found out where fish are stocked in and around Dunsmuir, and also what the various bag limits are in the area. Whether you are wanting to fish during the height of the season, or get away for a weekend in the winter for some catch and release fishing, Bob can tell you where to go, especially with his insider tips into the behaviors of the local fish, both migratory and residents.



For more information, check out Ted Fay Fly Shop’s website: tedfay.com


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Or give them a call at (530)235-2969


For more information about the 1991 spill in Dunsmuir, visit California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website.







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