B.P. #009: Henry Lomeli - Sacramento River Ecotours

Henry Lomeli started Sacramento River Ecotours as a way to support his children as a single father in a true rags to riches story. Henry shares his 30+ years of experience on the river in every ecotour. 

Listen to Henry’s tips on how to gain knowledge from experts to relay to others. He is passionate about the fact that the Sacramento River sustains the state of California, and wants to help build a love and appreciation for it in others.

Buckle up for the story of Henry’s Discovery Channel appearance-he was a contestant on Tethered, where he was connected to someone for 10 days with no outdoor experience and had to guide the both of them to their destination.

Also listen to Henry’s touching connection to New Clairvaux winery, and why he only serves Aimee Sunseri’s wines on his tours.

For more information on Sacramento River Ecotours, check out Henry’s website: http://www.sacramentoriverecotours.com
Follow him on Instagram @henry__lomeli
Or give him a call at (530) 864-8594.

See Henry’s episode of Tethered on Amazon
See Laura’s episode of Naked and Afraid, Season 6 episode 11
Check out New Clairvaux in Vina, CA

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