B.P. #015 - Lincoln Gray - LG Stillwater Fly Fishing Adventures in Chico, CA - Sales Director for Sierra Stream & Mountain

Lincoln Gray brings his 36 years of fly fishing experience, with over 25 years of experience in local Northern California fisheries, to today’s episode of The Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast. Lincoln is a fishing guide, sales director for Sierra Stream & Mountain, a company that includes Sierra Stream Fly Shop, Tie-Fast Tools and Jay Fair Eagle Fly Fishing. they also distribute RIO Products, SA, Redington and Loon Products. Lincoln is a pro-staff member of Hyde, Sage, Redington, RIO, Ross Reels, SA, Tie-Fast Tools, Jay Fair Eagle Fly Fishing and Peak Fly Fishing.

Listen as Chad, Nick, and Lincoln debate the changing fish habits in various tributaries of the Sacramento River for Stripers, Salmon, and other species. Lincoln talks about the women’s steelhead school he is putting together with Kayla Katayama (from episode 1), fishing guide and employee at Fish First! Fly Shop in Chico. Hear Lincoln’s thoughts about the biggest changes in the industry since he started working in it, as well as his thoughts on the newer generations getting involved in the sport. The guys also talk about tying flies, including the Hexagenia, or Giant Mayfly.

Check Lincoln’s Website out, stillwaterflyfishingadventures.com

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To see if Lincoln’s collaborative women only Steelhead School with Kayla Katayama is still available, click here or check his Facebook page.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you have listened to Kayla Katayama’s episode of the Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast, episode 1.



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