B.P. #013 - Matt Callies - Product Representative for Abel Reels, Airflo, Airlock, Echo, Loon Outdoors, Ross Reels, Scott Fly Rods

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Matt Callies, Director of Product Development at Loon Outdoors. S.W Rep for Rajeff sports, Scott Fly Rods Sales Rep SW Territory, Sales Rep Abel Automatics, Inc., speaks with Nick and Chad about his experience.

Matt talks about where he grew up, where he has been fishing lately, and a typical day in the life as a Loon and Scott representative. The guys also discuss the advantages of the different products Matt represents, and the importance of social media, including live videos, for fly fishing ambassadors.


Find Matt and his brands online:

Instagram: @Socallies23

loonoutdoors.com/loon-live-tonight For Loon Live







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