#026 - Monica Gutierrez-Fisheries Biologist from NMFS, a Division of NOAA

Monica Gutierrez is a Fisheries Biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), which is a branch of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). Her work is focused on San Joaquin River Basin.


Born and raised in Woodland, CA, Monica has always been interested in helping animals. She thought she would become a vet, but decided conservation and sustainability was just as important to her as the animals themselves, so NOAA was a perfect career path. She studied fish and wildlife biology during her undergrad. Monica interned at NMFS during college, and has now worked there for about 10 years.


NOAA is a part of the Department of Commerce. NOAA, while most well-known for the National Weather Service (NWS),  is actually an umbrella agency, with various branches relating to climate, the ocean, weather and coast. NMFS is a branch under NOAA.


NMFS is responsible for ocean resources and habitat. Monica uses data to influence policy and make decisions, but does not often do field work. Much of the work that NMFS does helps us with endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).


Hear more about Monica’s background, details about the Endangered Species Act (ESA) including which fish species in California are listed, and what other NMFS offices accomplish. Also hear about some of the more notable projects Monica’s office has worked on including Fish screen projects. Monica explains the different types of screens out there, including cone and drum screens. An example- GCID project from early 2000’s. Monica also talks about other restoration projects she is working on and how recovery plans work.


Of course, Chad and Nick had to ask Monica’s thoughts on Striper. Hear a biologist’s perspective on this controversial issue.


More info from NMFS:

West coast region website westcoast.fisheries.noaa.gov



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