#030 - Dave Steindorf - American Whitewater

Dave Steindorf has been an active river advocate in California since 1997. As the primary negotiator for American Whitewater, Dave has gained a reputation as a consensus builder. He has been able to gain the respect of Agencies, Non Government Organizations (NGO's), and Licensees while successfully achieving the goals of his constituents. Dave is somewhat of an anomaly, in that he has not only worked in an advocacy role but also as a consultant for several Utilities in the West. Dave is also able to draw on his vast experience in a variety of recreational pursuits including having worked professionally in the areas of Paddling, Angling, Cycling, and Outdoor Retail. In addition to this breadth of experience Dave also has a degree in Economics and a Masters in Education. Dave was introduced to rivers at age 7, when his father put a fly rod into his hands. Learning to kayak later on was a natural progression from his childhood love of rivers.

One of the projects Dave primarily works on is protecting Wild and Scenic Rivers. As far as Northern California is concerned, the Middlefork of the Feather River is actually one of the original 8 designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. Dave discloses the different possible criteria that a river must meet to receive this designation.

Tune in for some of Dave’s fun rafting stories, from floating down the McCloud River to getting washed out while proposing to his wife. Stay tuned as he weighs in on the best kind of boat to use for a floating and fishing trip.

Ever been curious about how hydropower projects get funded, and whether or not they can be detrimental to the environment? Dave weighs in with his professional opinions, which are not sugar-coated due to his lobbyist profession. Dave will let you know which types of dams are just not worth it, and which are actually hugely beneficial to the health of systems. Also hear Dave’s blunt perspective on how the EPA rollback of protections could impact the lands you love to fish.

Hear about Dave’s involvement with Oroville Spillway, and his shocking report of how the facts slowly altered over time. Also hear why Dave thinks the incident was a serious case of “failure of imagination”.

Find your local Water Control Board to report environmental incidents.

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