#032 - Truckee Fly Fishing Guide Dan LeCount

Dan Lecount grew up in Leconda, CA, which is along the Pacific Coast. Dan grew up fishing and it was always a huge part of his life. Once he got interested in fly tying, Dan’s hobby turned into a passion, and he has been hooked since. Dan now lives in the Truckee/Tahoe area, and is a board member for the local Trout Unlimited chapter. He makes his living guiding, building rods and tying flies. Dan’s target fish for guiding is Steelhead, so he typically takes the winter off to avoid trips to the coast. In the off season, Dan also writes articles for fly fishing magazines, does lectures on fly fishing ethics and fine tunes his photography skills.

Note: not going to focus on fishing techniques this episode. For fishing tips in the Tahoe/Truckee area, check out episodes 27, 23, 20 (part 1, part 2), 16 and 5.

Hear Dan’s perspective of tight line nymphing, how he became a professional fly tyer (Umpqua), the inexpensive way you can start making your own rods and where to find some of his work. Listen up to hear why snorkeling your local waters gives you a different perspective. You won’t want to miss Dan’s explanation of the benefits of joining a Trout Unlimited chapter, and how immediate of an impact habitat restoration can have on your favorite fisheries.

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