Episode Show Notes

Published July 27th, 2017


On this episode of the Barbless Podcast, we meet Matt Peterson and Doug Demko of Fishbio. Fishbio is an environmental consulting company with offices in Chico, Ca. Oakdale, Ca. Santa Cruz Ca. and Laos. Doug is President and founding member of Fishbio, with 24 years of fisheries biology experience. Matt is the Senior Fisheries Biologist, and handles their proposal writing, report writing, and is generally very well known in California for his fisheries work.

Find out why the best thing anglers can do to improve their game is snorkeling their favorite river or stream. The guys discuss the pros and cons of recent technology and how it helps the sport of fishing. Learn about the effects dams have on fish populations. Doug offers great insight into the differences between California fisheries to those in Southeast Asia, a fisherman’s paradise. Also hear about the fun side projects Fishbio does, from the Fablab, to gardening to beer brewing.


Conference table for fishbio
VAKI Riverwatcher
Fishbio Youtube

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