Episode Show Notes

Published April 29th, 2019


In the very spey-cial episode of the show, we sit down with #spey legend Dec Hogan who was recently in Chico teaching a #speycasting clinic for Fish First fly shop in Chico, Ca.

Dec has been there since the very beginning of fishing two-handed rods – well before purpose-built gear was a thing. He tells us about the early days of the sport – how he and his friends hacked together their own lines and rods and what he learned along the way.

Dec is also into #birding – he shares some insights into fishing through the trained eyes of a bird watcher (hint: they are related!).

Dec’s first book “A Passion for Steelhead” is one of THE books on Steelhead fishing history and techniques. Co-host Nick Hanna owns a copy of the book and has a very, very special connection to it due to his long hours spent with it as a teen where he practiced both two and one-handed casting methods over and over and over.

Dec also discusses his new book – Steelhead Fly Tying Art & Design – a meticulously crafted book filled with step-by-step #flytying photos and instruction that he and Marty Howard (@martyohoward) recently published.

If you are into spey or thinking about getting into spey, this is the episode you should swing on by and check out.

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