Season 3, Episode 86

#086 - Building an International Outdoor Brand – Jeff Cresswell, Klean Kanteen

Episode Show Notes

Published May 29th, 2019


If you are into the outdoors then odds are that you’ve ran across at least one Klean Kanteen. You might even own one or two. In this episode of the show we sit down with Jeff Cresswell one of the co-owners of the brother-sister team at Klean Kanteen headquartered here in Chico, Ca.

Jeff and his sister’s team introduced the first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle in 2004 – basically defining an entirely new category in the outdoor space and providing a solution to single-use plastic water bottles. No small feat!

Jeff tells us about the early days of the company, how they managed to scale under enormous demand, what scared him most, and how they overcame adversity.

Jeff and team have built an international outdoor brand that is focused on sustainability, giving back to the community, and making a positive impact on the planet. If you are building your own outdoor brand or aspiring to build one, or you are into learning about how things are made or just plain and simply a fan of the brand, then hit play!

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