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Published February 12th, 2018


Kelcey, Hunter and Mason Derrick represent two generations of fly fishermen, and make up three fifths of the local fly tying cooperative Meat Market Flies. The five-member co-op is a part of a growing movement to support locally made items, and also includes Jason Langstaff from Fish First! Fly Shop and Lukas Ferrenburg as partners. The business started as a way for the three Derricks to save up enough money to be able to afford a drift boat. While the business has just launched, they have already gotten their first major order from a guide who plans to use the flies on a destination trip to Alaska. The flies are primarily for bass, trout and steelhead fishing, but they also do pike and musky flies.

Hear about the family’s favorite places to fish, why they choose to only sell streamers, and how they get everyone in their family involved in fly fishing, even their three year old brother. Stay tuned to hear some tips from Mason and Hunter on how to get kids like themselves involved in the sport, in particular how they think Cast Hope can help. Mason talks about his participation in the Heritage Trout Challenge and how he has already crushed it. Kelcey also weighs in on how he got all of his kids to fall in love with the outdoors. Later, Hunter gives some tips for anyone who is hoping to score in the brand ambassador world.

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To Read Hunter’s blog post about using streamers all the time–taking your time, learning to use the streamers-check out the Meat Market Flies Blog!

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