Hosted by  Nick Hanna  and  Chad Alderson

Episode Show Notes

Published October 2nd, 2019


As many of you know California experienced one of the worst droughts on record this past decade. Many native fish species suffered through this period while others did much better – like on the Mokelumne River. 

In this episode we sit down with Jose Setka, Manager of the Fish and Wildlife Division at East Bay Municipal Utility District, colloquially referred to as “East Bay Mud” or simply EBMUD. 

EBMUD is a public utility district that provides water and sewage treatment services for the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay – pulling much of their water from the Mokelumne River. Part of their responsibility is maintaining EBMUD’s privately owned fish hatchery on the Mokelumne – which Mr. Setka oversees. 

Learn how Setka and his team navigated California’s 10 years of drought and exceeded expectations in terms of salmon returns right here on this episodes of Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast. Enjoy!!!

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