Season 3, Episode 85

#085 - Reintroduction of Winter Run Chinook Into The McCloud River – Jon Ambrose – NOAA / NMFS

Episode Show Notes

Published May 21st, 2019


In this episode of the show we sit down with NOAA Biologist Jon Ambrose. Jon is the National Marine Fisheries Service’s (NMFS) salmon Reintroduction Coordinator for the California Central Valley.

We talk in detail about the reintroduction efforts currently underway to bring Winter Run Chinook salmon back to the McCloud River. The plan involves deployment of a thermal curtain that stretches bank-to-bank across the upper section of the McCloud arm of Lake Shasta in an effort to capture and truck migrating juvenile salmon.

We express our concerns for what a thermal curtain would mean to resident lake brown trout and rainbow trout that use the McCloud each year in the fall for spawning (at the same time the reintroduction project will be happening).

Be sure to download schematics for the thermal curtain as well taking a deeper dive into a presentation that we just published to our YouTube channel – a collaboration we did with Jon on behalf of NOAA/NMFS in order to represent the agency’s plan as accurately as possible. All links are below.

Learn more about the project:

Watch Jon’s presentation:

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