Season 4, Episode 131

#131 - P1 – How to Create a Successful YouTube Fishing Channel – Oliver Ngy

Hosted by  Chad Alderson

Episode Show Notes

Published February 17th, 2020


Part 1 of 2

If you watched the MeatEater Das Boat series on YouTube then you probably saw the episode featuring April Vokey. In that episode, they paired April up with Oliver Ngy – a conventional bass angler with a reputation of consistently catching some of the biggest bass on the planet.

Oliver is the creator behind BigBassDreams on YouTube. With over 36,000 subscribers it stands as one of the most popular BIG BASS channels on the platform.

His new YouTube channel, the aptly named, “Oliver Ngy” is just getting off the ground. Oliver drops by Chad’s house in Chico, Ca. and the two discuss the new show, Oliver’s approach to capturing all the epic fishing video footage he’s collected over the years, camera hardware and more.

If you are into filming your fishing experience or thinking about filming, or just want to get to know Oliver better, then this episode is for you.

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