Hosted by  Chad Alderson  and  Nick Hanna

Episode Show Notes

Published September 11th, 2019


Have you ever been driving down the highway only to be passed by a fully-outfitted 4×4 sprinter van and wondered, “how do I get me one of those?”. Well this episode will answer that question, and more. 

Join us as we sit down with Jonathan Feld – President at Sportsmobile West located in Fresno, Ca. 

We ask Jonathan a bunch of first time buyer questions and he knocks them all out of the park. Once you are done listening to this episode you will have a very good foundation on the wonderful world of sprinter vans and what owning or renting one can do to make your next fishing trip even more amazing. 

You will learn about what to consider when outfitting one for fishing, and also learn how to configure it so that you can write it off as a first or second home – yup, you can write off the interest just like a house. Loan options are similar too, making them more financially doable for folks than you might think!

If Chris Farley were still alive he’d be rocking a Sportsmobile.

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