Season 2, Episode 25

#025 - Striper and Bass on The Fly – Guides Chuck Ragan and Hogan Brown

Hosted by  Hogan Brown Chad Alderson  and  Nick Hanna

Episode Show Notes

Published January 15th, 2018


On this episode of the Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast, join Nick and Chad as they interview Chuck Ragan and Hogan Brown, best buds who spend their time guiding, playing music, and giving back to the community through Cast Hope.

Chuck Ragan is a singer and songwriter, who plays solo and in the band Hot Water Music.

Fly fishing has been a massive part of Chuck’s life as long as he can remember; his father moved them around a lot at an early age since he was a pro golfer. Coincidentally, most of the places Chuck’s family moved to were prime fishing spots. Because of this, Chuck was pleasantly surprised with the fishing scene when he moved to Northern California.

Hear the funny story about how Chuck and Hogan met, and judge for yourself whether one of our hosts is to thank. Stay tuned for a few tips that these busy guys follow to balance all of their commitments. In particular, life will be out of balance at various times – find a way to get it back to balance. If you have the desire to pull, you will always bring it back to the center.

Learn the story of how Cast Hope was the main driving force that got Chuck into guiding. He plans to use it as a retirement plan, since it is tough, yet rewarding. Hogan encouraged him, and showed him Cast Hope. Chuck related with the organization, fell in love with the whole idea of it.

Also hear Chuck’s favorite waters to fish locally, his case for winter spin fishing techniques, using indicators for bass, and Chironomid fly fishing techniques.

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Listen to episode 12 where we first talked to Hogan

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