Season 4, Episode 129

#129 - The Steelhead Guardian – Lee Spencer

Hosted by  Chad Alderson  and  Nick Hanna

Episode Show Notes

Published February 3rd, 2020


For 6 months of the year and for the last 21 years Lee Spencer has devoted his life to protecting a wild run of summer steelhead. Lee will spend each day observing and taking detailed notes about his friends occupying this famous hole on Steamboat Creek known as the Dynamite hole, or what most of us now refer to as, Lee’s hole. This famous spot on the North Umpqua river drainage is a must see by all anglers that have a passion for steelhead. We owe Lee some gratitude and a big thank you for all that he has sacrificed, although we are sure he will be the first to say it was entirely his pleasure.

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