Hosted by  Chad Alderson  and  Nick Hanna

Episode Show Notes

Published September 3rd, 2019


In this 100th episode of the show (WHOA!) we get down under… water with Paul Young – a real life Aquaman.

Paul is a professional spear fisherman who holds all sorts of records in his sport. He’s a member of the USA team, was the recipient of the Underwater Society’s Athlete of The Year award in 2016 – the list goes on and on.

Around these parts Paul is known as Aquaman. When he’s not running his business or being a dad, he spends most of his free time on the Sacramento River hunting underwater prey.

Paul stalks 40LB + stripers with little more than a spear, mask, snorkel, suit and whatever air he can store in his lungs for his often 90 second + dives in the Sac’s cold and murky waters.

We saved this one for our 100th episode and for good reason. Prepare to LEARN A TON and also have your mind blown in a variety of ways – we sure as hell did!

Finally, we have a new intro! We are honored to have California Trout as our new sponsor. Expect more around this in a bonus episode we will be pushing out later this week. You will also get an update on – us personally, our plans for the podcast, the apps, the business and a bunch of other stuff that you may find interesting.

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