Season 2, Episode 23

#023 - Yuba River Fly Fishing – Guide Jon Baiocchi

Episode Show Notes

Published January 4th, 2018


Jon Baiocchi has been fly fishing and tying flies since 1972. Jon is an experienced guide, author, blogger and award winning public speaker. He was born in San Jose and raised in Paradise, CA.

Reminisce with Jon about his home waters back in the 70’s, which he considers the glory days of fly fishing for the area. Jon answers questions about whether Deer Creek really had better fish, and the presence/absence and general quality of fish such as brook trout and salmon.

Jon gives some great advice for bloggers starting off in the fly fishing space. Listen up to hear his top 4 pieces of advice for guides wanting to create their own blog.

Chad, Nick and Jon have some serious discussion about Czech style nymphing (also known as Northern California high sticking, among other names), including talking about whether this is a trend.  This discussion is partly inspired by Jon’s article recommendation, which he calls The Last Word on High Stick Nymphing on his blog. Chad also brings up the Truckee fly fishing festival presentation with Doug Oullete (episode 20), which was a demo on high sticking, which talked about the differences between different short lining techniques and the nuances of presentation.

Jon later talks about the changes he has observed along the Yuba River, from under the Highway 20 bridge downstream to the UC Davis campus, upstream past sycamore ranch campground. Water has changed so much that his favorite spots are now gone. On the flipside, there are new areas to fish now.

Look out for Jon’s article coming out about the “Newba” River. He will Compare the river before and after major floods, with the changes he observed during high water and everyday changes. Hear about the changes Jon suggests need to be made to preserve the river, and how the South Yuba Citizens League is the only organization paying attention to the side channels. If you haven’t yet, read the related article from Chico State – Saving the Salmon.

Jon lived in Truckee in the 80’s while he dipped his toes in professional Snowboarding. He fished the Truckee river in his spare time. There were not a lot of people there yet, and he did not even fish the Little Truckee or Glennshire then. Hear Jon’s favorite time of year guiding in Truckee at the moment, depending on client needs and preferences.

For further reminiscing, listen to the changes Jon has observed at Lake Davis and Frenchman’s Reservoir in Plumas County. Also hear the history of Lake Davis, including the controversy with Northern Pike.

If all of the stories were not enough for you, make sure you give Jon’s Tribute to Jay Fair a read.

Lost a lot of habitat, food.

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Yuba shuttle- Christopher Streetman: (530) 639-2521

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