Season 2, Episode 24

#024 - Fly Fishing Bollibokka on the McCloud River and More – Guide Steven Fry

Episode Show Notes

Published January 10th, 2018


Steven Fry is a fly fishing guide based out of the Redding Fly Shop. Steve’s guiding career started with a buddy of his, who was a pig hunting guide. Inspired, Steven started off as a hunting guide himself. After awhile, his guiding repertoire expanded to include fly fishing, where he landed at the Redding Fly Shop. He quotes Nick Fasiano, “if you guide in the Redding area, you are going to end up at the Redding Fly Shop”. Steven definitely paid his dues, he started working receiving in the shop, and is now on their full-time guide staff.

Hear about Steven’s experience on the Lower Sac, favorite season on the Upper Sac, and his favorite flies to tie. Listen as the guys discuss all of the changes they have observed due to the flooding last year. Also hear the hilarious story of how Chad and Steven met.

Listen up as Steven answers some question about Bollibokka, a lower section of the McCloud that can exclusively be accessed through the Redding Fly Shop. Do not get your hopes up too high, though. There is a 2 year waiting list! Although the access does cost money, it is a fairly economical option as far as fly fishing trips go.

Steven’s recommendation for post-fishing food in Redding: Los Gordos Taqueria

Book a trip with Steven:
Give him a call: (530) 524-4805
Follow him on Instagram @Steven_Fry1015

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