Season 3, Episode 74

#074 - Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show – Day 2

Episode Show Notes

Published March 4th, 2019


This episode marks the conclusion of our coverage of the 2019 Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show. In this episode you will be reacquainted with a few folks who’ve already been guests on the show (John Sherman, Kayla Katayama), and meet a few new ones!

Guest timecodes:

Conway Bowman – Mako sharks on the fly – 00:07:00
John Sherman – Photography tips – 00:23:19
Kayla Katayama – Catching up – 00:46:30
Matt “Gilligan” Coles – Guide, Reno NV – 00:59:11
Meghan Barker – TU – Pebble Mine – 01:15:57
Michelle Titus – Clear Water Lodge – 01:26:14
Ron VanderHeiden – Chasing rooster-fish – 01:50:00

About these Guests

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