Season 3, Episode 73

#073 - Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show – Day 1

Episode Show Notes

Published February 27th, 2019


This week we are bringing you a front row seat to one of the biggest fly fishing shows in California – the 2019 Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show. In this epic 2 part series you will meet 12 movers and shakers in the industry. Get ready to learn about their backgrounds, what makes them tick and very likely pick up some tips that you can apply to your next angling adventure. This episode is Day One, look for Day Two to drop next week!

Guest timecodes:

George Revel – Partner, Lost Coast Outfitters – 00:06:30
Jim Bartschi – President, Scott Fly Rods – 00:43:40
John Rickard – Owner, Wild Waters Fishing – 00:56:08
Maury Hatch – Rep, Costa – Guide – 01:15:26
Philip Rowley – Author – 01:38:37

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