Season 3, Episode 106

#106 - Coleman Fish Hatchery Tour – Brett Galyean

Hosted by  Chad Alderson  and  Nick Hanna

Episode Show Notes

Published October 22nd, 2019


In this special On The Water episode of the show we drive to Anderson, Ca. to meet up with Coleman Fish Hatchery Complex Manager Brett Galyean for a detailed on-site tour of the entire operation. 

In the first half of the show we sit down with Brett in his office and talk through the many logistical and strategic challenges he and his team face on a daily basis and how they mitigate them. 

On the back half of the show (sorry for the audio issue) Brett takes us on a private tour of the facility where we learn about the end-to-end process and stop to appreciate the salmon currently stacked up in Battle Creek!

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